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Outage Information

Gas Leaks

If there is a strong gas odor, leave the premises immediately and call or have someone call Sycamore Gas Company and the fire department. Call 812-537-1921 or 877-544-2726.


Historically Safe

Natural gas, like other energy sources, is historically safe, but it can be hazardous. One simple safety procedure which is used to help avoid these problems is gas odorization. Natural gas, which is mostly methane, is odorless. The distinctive scent of the gas we deliver comes from the addition of odorants specially designed for this purpose. Odorants allow anyone with a normal sense of smell to readily detect a minor gas leak. The addition of odorants only works, however, if someone calls us to let us know when a leak is detected.

In case of an emergency, customers should know the location of all shut-off valves in their building. All appliances should have a shut-off from the gas supply. Find the shut-off valve or have someone show you where the shut-offs are located in your building. Most of these require only a quarter turn to operate them from the full "on" to the "off" position. Each gas meter has a shut-off too, which can be locked in the off position. If needed, call us and we can help.

System Damage

Distribution piping systems are used to deliver natural gas. When gas systems leak, natural gas will normally rise away from the surface and dissipate. Trouble may occur, however, if gas migrates under the ground and into buildings, sewers, and duct systems such as those used for underground telephone and electric lines. The majority of gas distribution incidents are caused by damage to lines from construction and other excavation activities. When lines are dug into, they may leak with no one reporting the damage or leak in such large quantities that an instant emergency results.

For the public's protection, lawmakers have made it mandatory for contractors or landowners to have underground utilities located before excavation activities can begin. Sycamore Gas Company is working together with other companies that have buried investments to provide locating services to anyone planning to excavate in the vicinity of underground gas, electric, telephone or other buried utilities.

Homeowners can protect themselves and their neighbors by keeping an eye on things and by asking excavators if they have called the appropriate locating services.

Homeowners should also not forget to set a good example by calling for their own projects. A task as simple as installing a fence or planting a new tree in the middle of the yard can turn out deadly if an underground gas line is hit.

It is a free service. Participating utilities will send someone out to mark the underground facilities if you call two days in advance.


INDIANA 1-800-382-5544

Gas is a safe, clean and reliable energy source when treated and handled with respect.

If you have any questions about gas safety, or need more information, call Sycamore Gas at 812-537-1921 or 877-544-2726.